Sharing Your Poems Online

Maybe I just want something different.

checklist3My goal with this blog is not to provide a running monologue of my work, but to share thoughts, discuss techniques, and build camaraderie around poetry. For me, the conversation is much more important. But is there a purpose to sharing one’s works?

These days, publishers ask “What’s your platform?” They’re looking for your own efforts in marketing and creating name recognition for your work. It tends to translate in my head as “We don’t have the time or the staff, so you’d better be able to generate interest for us.”

True or not, creating a platform for your work should, in my own opinion, have a healthy balance between your work and a good conversation. I think poets like Taye’ Foster Bradshaw create that balance well. Taye’s’ blog shares current works, but also shares interviews and talk about the craft a bit. (And I’m biased – Taye’ interviewed me.)

Then there’s the whole notion of copyright. Will a publisher want poems that have appeared online? If not, does that mean one has to limit what’s shown?

Poets, what do you think? Do you have a blog? What blogs do you enjoy following? 

Are you concerned about copyright?

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