Writing Prompt: Say What?

file0001848881233Here’s the thing about prompts: they don’t have to be serious to be turned into something serious. I remember a friend of mine had been given four words — one included mouse turds — and she was to write a story including those four words.

Her essay blew me away. The seemingly hilarious “mouse turds” became a detail in a dark, depressing story about hitting bottom and finding redemption.

Of course, there’s the flip side. She could just as easily turned her mouse turds into a limerick.

Mouse turds are shaped much like rice

They come out of both meeses and mice

They’re long and they’re lean

and very unclean

And look nothing like carnival ice.

Well, you get the idea.

So let’s take a few unfinished ideas and see what we can make of them, shall we? Try making a poem from one or more of these ideas:

– sharp edges

– artifice

– flamingo pink

– Agamemnon’s grave

– pleasurable mile

Poets, what prompts can you share?

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