About Lori

Lori 11-22-13Despite being a trade writer and editor for much of my career, I have always written poetry. In fact, the first accolades I received for my writing was for a poem I wrote in sixth grade about a salamander. Imagine how disheartened I was when the teacher praised my poetry, not for its merits, but as a shining example of what the other students could do if they too had a good night’s sleep. Alas, my breakthrough moment coincided with my classmate Louis getting caught napping.

Undaunted, I continued to craft poetry for the next ten years. Then marriage and jobs came, and the creativity was replaced with children and responsibilities. However, all good things come back when you need them. I found poetry again five years ago after the death of a friend. The ability to work out on paper what death and lost opportunity creates in the mind was the best therapy.

Besides writing poetry, I am a veteran writer and editor with over 15 years in the trade writing industry. My other blog, Words on the Page, explores the world of the professional writer from my perspective. Some people say writing is their life. I like to think that I exist because I write. Enjoy this blog and feel free to share your own journey with me.

2 thoughts on “About Lori

  1. My writing began in sixth grade too. My poem was “Have you ever seen the Everglades?” I never had and obviously neither had my teacher, but she loved it anyway.

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